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donated books received from the German Geological Society of the University of Berlin (STEVANOVIĆ, 1977).Jovan Žujović came as a teaching assistant at theDepartment of Mineralogy and Geology in 1880. Hewas responsible for the

of the Belgrade Higher School and University of Belgrade 63Fig. 5. Catalogue of inventory handwritten by Jovan Žujović (photo: N. MALEŠEVIĆ).Сл. 5. Каталошки листићи исписани руком Јована Жујовића (фото: Н. МАЛЕШЕВИЋ).Fig.

Josif Pančić in 1888 wasnot only a great loss to the Serbian science and geology, but it also deeply shook Jovan Žujović. At the sametime, however, Pančić’s death had encouraged Žujovićto start the Annales with his associates