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relevance to the AnthropoceneEvidently, the world heritage differs significantly inIndia, Italy, and Russia. Among these three countries,Italy has the biggest number of WHSs (Table 3) andRussia has the smallest (Table 4); India

CentralSouthern Italy and hypotheses on AMH dispersal routes.Quaternary International, 316: 27–44.MORONI, A., GNEZDILOVA, V.V. & RUBAN, D.A. 2015. Geological heritage in archaeological sites: case examplesfrom Italy and Russia

06 Ansari et al.qxpGeological activity of humans represented in the World Heritage Sitesof India, Italy, and Russia: Evidence of the AnthropoceneM.K. ANSARI1, ADRIANA MORONI2, DMITRY A. RUBAN3*, SVETLANA O. ZORINA4,ANIELLO