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(neogene, south-eastern Europe, lacustrine environments)
another, carriedby birds, in order to appear in south-eastern Europe inthe Lower Miocene. Some such refugiums are presented on the Palaeogeographic Maps of SE Europe–SW Asia (POPOV et al. 2004). A large Dneper–Donets Basin, from

the south of the Balkan Mt.). Subsequently,the Balkan Peninsula was formed.Key words: Neogene, south-eastern Europe, lacustrine environments.Апстракт. Палеогеографске карте језерског миоцена и плиоцена начињена су на основу

2298/GABP1273037KThe Balkan Land originated from the coalescenceof an eastern part, making the edge of stable Europe(Carpatho-Balkanides), and a western island, which inthe Upper Cretaceous was a part of Africa (DinaricAlps)