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(tectonic activity, Pannonian basin, northwest Serbia, subsidence, basin inversion, eastern Srem, Quaternary)
and depositional evolution of eastern Srem(northwest Serbia)MARINKO TOLJIĆ1, DRAŽENKO NENADIĆ1, UROŠ STOJADINOVIĆ1,3,TIVADAR GAUDÉNYI2 & KATARINA BOGIĆEVIĆ1Abstract: The area of eastern Srem is situated in the southern periphery

Kalemegdan faultare particularly prominent. Across them the downthrow of central parts of the eastern Srem was performed (Eastern Srem Block), opposite to the uplift ofthe Fruška Gora Block in the north and ŠumadijaBlock to the

the relief. Sources of data used for the interpretation of the Quaternary tectonic activity inthe area of eastern Srem are of geological, geomorphological, thermochronological, and geophysical character. The positions of prominent