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(hiatus, stratigraphic correlation, eustatic fall, glaciation, Neogene, Ciscaucasian basin, Eastern Paratethys)
World Ocean and with the MediterraneanDo major Neogene hiatuses in the Ciscaucasian semi-enclosed basin(Eastern Paratethys, southwestern Russia) record eustatic falls?DMITRY A. RUBAN1, MICHAEL ROGERSON2 & H. MARTYN PEDLEY2Abstract

environmental changes duringthe Neogene. For example, so long as the connectionbetween the Mediterranean and Eastern Paratethys remained open, the net precipitative flux in the Caucasian region, which receives up to 3,000 mm pre

mechanistically, it is criticalthat the presence/absence and magnitude of freshwater supply from the Eastern Paratethys to the Mediterranean is established (MEIJER & KRIJGSMAN 2005;KRIJGSMAN et al. 2010).During the Neogene