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(conodonts, correlation, Devonian, Serbia, Siberia)
Permian sediments. The Devonian deposits are well represented in the marginal parts of the Kuzbass. They areconfined to the Givetian Stage of the Middle Devonian,to Frasnian and Famennian of the Upper Devonian. Thestudied sections

Paleozoic seas, particularly in the Devonian ones. The Standard ConodontZones Scale based on the evolutionary development ofdeep-sea conodonts. This scale is a recognized worldstandard of all Devonian boundaries. It was constantlybeing

stratigraphic correlation of Devonian deposits. Theycan be correlated at the level of standard conodont zones even for basins having very different geologicalstructure. In this paper Devonian conodont correlations between

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(marine biodiversity, shelf, biotic radiation, Late Ordovician, Early Devonian)
equator-to-poleWas there more space in the late Early Devonian for marine biodiversity to peak than in the early Late Ordovician? 3Fig. 2. Overlapped Late Ordovician and Early Devonian contours of the principalcontinental blocks (strongly

the late Early Devonian relatively to the early LateOrdovician;– hypothetically, there was more (or the same)space for marine biodiversity to peak in the early LateOrdovician than in the late Early Devonian, whichmatches better

postdates such a maximumby ~50–60 Ma and places it into the late Early DevoWas there more space in the late Early Devonian for marinebiodiversity to peak than in the early Late Ordovician?:A brief noteDMITRY A. RUBAN1Abstract. After