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(hiatus, stratigraphic correlation, eustatic fall, glaciation, Neogene, Ciscaucasian basin, Eastern Paratethys)
sedimentationin the Ciscaucasian basin. In fact, tectonism might havebeen responsible for some local hiatuses. However, itseems that eustatic control prevailed over local tectonic control within the Ciscaucasian basin during theNeogene

Hiatuses in semi-enclosed basins can be caused by either eustatic falls or local tectonic uplifts.The Ciscaucasian basin is located in the south of European Russia. In the Neogene, it belonged to the EasternParatethys domain

record the eustatic falls.Consequently, we argue that eustatic processes controlled sedimentation in the Ciscaucasian basin throughoutthe entire Neogene. This means the basin was connected to the open ocean throughout this period