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(barremian-Danian relative sea level, tectonic events, source area weathering, tectonic setting, Cauvery Basin, India)
sea level cycles of the Cauvery Basin 21Fig. 1. Location and Geology of the study area (After RAMKUMAR et al. 2004a).tional history and creation of accommodation space.By these traits, the Cauvery Basin offers a test site t

quiescence and third order relative sea level cycles of the Cauvery Basin 27Fig. 2. Relative sea level fluctuations during BarremianDanian in the Cauvery basin (after RAMKUMAR et al.2004a). Solid line curve is indicative

presentDiscrimination of tectonic dynamism, quiescence and third orderrelative sea level cycles of the Cauvery Basin, South IndiaMUTHUVAIRAVASAMY RAMKUMAR1Abstract. Application of integrated stratigraphic modeling of sedimentary