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(miocene, Badenian, whale, Paratethys, Bosnia)
region. PAUNOVIĆ (1993)published a paper on Mesocetus aff. agrami found innorthern Bosnia and stated that it is found in severallocalities in Bosnia: Knežica, Šargovac, Lužani, Dažnica Ukrina and Kalenderovci. A Middle MioceneNote

Badenian age for the marls. Northern Bosnia is geographically in contact withthe Pannonian Lowlands that were the center of theParatethys Sea, and in the late stages of the Miocene,northern Bosnia was a region of shallow waters

present in extensiveparts of Central Europe and fossil whales are found inAustria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia. Most of the previously discovered specimens areattributed to the genus Mesocethus. Mesocetus hungaricus