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(turonian, volcanism, copper deposits, Bor, floor (Cenomanian), roof (Senonian), formation, superposition, deposit age)
dating the Bor deposit and itsgeology;– Metallogenic zone Bor, Bor copper deposit, Novo Okno and other bodies;– Pyroclastics and epiclastics from the first phaseof the Timok Magmatic Complex;– Copper and gold Bor deposits –

BorCopper and Gold Deposits. 298 pp. Mining and SmeltingBasin Bor (RTB Bor), Copper Institute Bor (CIB), Bor.LAZAREVIĆ, M., 1909. Die Enargit-Covellin der ČokaDulkan bei Bor in Ostserbien, Ibid. 20: 337–370, Wien.LAZAREVIĆ, M. 1912

Magmatic Complex;– Origin of the Bor and other copper deposits;– Formational base of the Bor copper-gold deposits;– Novo Okno copper deposit of olistostrome origin; etc.Further treatment of the Bor copper deposits, besides the