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woodwardi (NOPCSA, 1923) and Mesophis nopcsai (BOLKAY, 1925) come from the same locality of Selišta,north of Bileća. The holotype of Pachyophis woodwardi (NHMW 1912-I8) is housed in the Naturhistorisches Museum Vienna (NHMW)

presents a new finding of a pachyostotic snake from the local quarry Dubovac,three kilometers northwest of Bileća. The specimen consists of 29 vertebrae, seven of which are detachedfrom the slab. The two best preserved vertebrae

preserved from Bosnia andHerzegovina, precise identification was limited to a certain extent.Key words: Turonian, Bileća, hind-limbed snake, pachyostosis, Pachyophis.Апстракт. Фосилни налази морских змија из кредних седимената Босне