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D. et al..qxpNelumbo protospeciosa SAPORTA 1891from the Berane Basin (Lower Miocene)DESA DJORDJEVIĆ MILUTINOVIĆ1, BRANKA STEVANOVIĆ2 & GORAN ĆULAFIĆ3Abstract. Berane Basin in Montenegro has been known for rich paleoflora of

followed by studying the paleofloras collected at the Berane Basin.The first and only known remains of aquatic (floating) plants were collected in 1995 at the locality Rosulje(Berane Basin) in the Early Miocene sediments. According

osawere collected inside the lignite mine Rosulje at Budimlja (Berane Basin) in 1995 (Fig. 8; Pl. 1). This isthe first record of genus Nelumbo in the Berane Basinand in contrast to other plant fossils, which weremostly preserved